How do I make blogging useful?

A new beginning

Need a little repair & maintenance 😉

I have been blogging for more than year. I blogged here until now since I started: Umer Toor Blog. Unfortunately, some unfortunate person hacked it. I view that incident as not a sad one, although most, usual bloggers ‘lesser mortals’ are often too emotionally attached to something as virtual as a self-journal on internet; rather it has allowed to me take a break, stop and think about blogging itself.

What make our blogging useful for us, even if its too personal? It has to be beneficial to oneself at least as we don’t just want to be entertainers who waste others time as well. I know i’m ‘talking to walls’ as this blog is new, but whoever reads it is requested to please answer: How do I do blogging, in which way should I approach it that serves as beneficial to my life, and help expand my life’s learning curve (i just invented it) as well? The subject-matters i’m interested in are: An objective examination of life, of higher principles, to know thyself; Education philosophy; seeing Orient and particularly Islam from our own eyes not from western eyes, so readily available in our pseudo-universities; Modernity, its historical roots and causes, and its implications for Orient – sort of Occidentalism; TV studies; Taming the bewildered, restless, pointless youth (that means taming myself first); Perspectives on marriage.

What do you say? How do I write to get best from audience, good enough to be incorporated in one’s thought-process, and implemented in action as well? How?


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I am Muhammad Umer Toor. Murid, Hazrat Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqashbandi.

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