“Radical Middle Way” for Troubled Muslim Intellect

We had the honour meeting an islamic scholar (not a fiqhi) in Lahore, named Dr. Israr Ahmed, in a personal conversation.

My friend asked about his personal struggle. He said something like this: Now-a-days we are being bombarded with all sorts of ideas. When i sit among secularists, i am carried away by them. When i go to religious elite, i become religious. Like there’s so much confusion.

Dr. Israr gave us a 3-step process to find certitude and ultimately Truth and to assimilate truth, to put in my stammering, vague terminology.

1. Access/check/scrutinize your Faith (emaan). Is it real, is it based on certitude, yaqeen? Sadly, our faith is mere dogma. Its racial creed i inherited this religion, and i subscribe to it. This is not true, real emaan with yaqeen. The real faith is testified from within. (I forgot what he explained later.)

2. Learn Arabic. Learn Qur’an. Qur’anic grammar is very easy. So learn arabic quickly, you’re young, you must learn and then keep fixed in Qur’an.

3. Following the model of Prophet. The best model to follow that is.

I believe that most modern confusions stem from the first problem. And then all deficiencies of thought are a direct cause of the lack of Qur’anic learning or even mere reading in Arabic, the language in which Allah has talked to mankind. And then all deficiencies in action is due of lack of following like an instinct the sunna of Rasool ullah, saw.

This is similar to what is very much known among scholars, preachers and Sufism about the reality of Islam: Intention, Knowledge and Action.


2 Responses to ““Radical Middle Way” for Troubled Muslim Intellect”

  1. February 20, 2010 at 8:44 am

    So simple.
    2-knowledge of Quranic Arabic
    3-Following Prophets’s sunnah

    But made so complexed that focused is almost lost. Need of the hour is pointing towards these simple landmarks to follow. Nice work Umer.

  2. February 22, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    @ Akhtar Wasim Dar


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