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Is taking ideas from West in education sane?

I was searching about homeschooling, because i’m interested in it, and i came across the blog of a writer from Canada who wrote a book on home-schooling. It shocked me partially to read their ignorance, even those who can write books, not surprisingly. He writes in a causal way:

“We all have our favorite term and can passionately defend it and explain why it describes our family’s way. Of course, we all know there is no one right way to learn or to live…”

Okay, there may be no right way to learn – acceptable. But so causally say that there’s no right to live, no aim, no purpose, no direction, clearly shows how ignorant the masters of westernized oriental are. We, Muslims, cannot find much good in the alien to Islam educational systems, while i agree there’s nothing wrong with the tools, provided the “direction” is right. As the Quran urges us to know: “81:26 | Then where are you going?” (Source.)


I am Muhammad Umer Toor. Murid, Hazrat Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqashbandi.

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